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No Spectators Allowed

Participant "CREW" details

Our NFZ event is being allowed, currently, with the same restrictions as our previous NFZ events, until decided otherwise (as noted above). Namely, being a "No Spectator" event in addition to requirements for social distancing and face-coverings. This does, however, come with a provision for participants.   


Registered Participants are allowed to REGISTER up to 2 "CREW" persons, and that is what I will dig into here. Only Registered Participants are allowed "CREW" persons. A "CREW" person is not allowed their own "CREW" person. This allowance is 2 individuals total, NOT 2 at a time.   


Your allowance for up to 2 "CREW" persons is detailed below: 


  • Registered participants may register up to 2 "CREW" persons.

  • The number of "CREW" persons allowed, is TWO (2).

  • There are no "freebies" or exceptions.

  • "CREW" persons may be anyone that the Registered participant would like to register under their Registered Participant name. 

  • "CREW" may include, but not limited to; a spouse, friend, relative, consultant, mechanic, tech, tuner, media, waterboy, priest, security, handyman, translator, hype-man etc.

  • If you do not register any "CREW", it is assumed nobody will be attending the event with you, either upon entry OR later in the day.

  • The number of "CREW" persons allowed, is TWO (2).

  • "CREW" person entry fee is $10 cash-only, to be paid at entry gate, upon arrival.

  • "CREW" persons may arrive with the Participant, or separately.

  • "CREW" persons must be registered BY the Participant before event.

  • "CREW" persons will be on an Entry List, similar to the Participants.

  • "CREW" persons must be on the Entry List, to enter the event.

  • "CREW" persons may ride as passenger.

  • "CREW" persons may drive the vehicle, if all tech requirements are met

  • The number of "CREW" persons allowed, is TWO (2).


I understand that this may be frustrating news. This is the middle ground to be able to host the event at all at this time. We could not obviously get pre-approval, since we had to wait and see how October went. It went well, so they're allowing us back. As mentioned above, the stipulations are the same as October, AT THIS TIME. However, we are working toward a more OPEN event. Obviously I will announce if and when we are granted this allowance.  


If you are ready to register your TWO (2) crew persons, please email at your convenience

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