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"Automobiles are a very special part of our lives. They excite all of the senses, our emotions and have a community that is second to none. To be a part of that lifestyle and to make a career out of it is nothing short offantastic!"

-Ian  Ferguson     

Vice President    

Evolution Motorsports

1625 E Weber Drive
Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 317-9911


Mission: We exist to satisfy our customers’ addiction to speed and passion for high performance.   


Philosophy: Engineer, manufacture and offer the highest quality performance components for an elite group of extreme individuals.  Our cars are our passion, more than a means to get to and from work but an expression of who we are as people. An extension of our personalities: unique, aggressive, strong and powerful. We can help make each drive more enjoyable, more intense and less mundane.  We can help transform your car from the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Experience: We have over half a century of combined experience in automotive engineering, design, fabrication, racing and many other facets of the automotive industry.  We drive and race the cars that we build components for.  We have an extensive R&D and test program that ensures our components are held in the highest standards. 

Our Porsche race efforts help keep us on the cutting edge as we are constantly in search of that last ounce of power, a better “mouse trap” or ways to make the car handle or brake better.  We share your passion, your dream and the never-ending pursuit of more speed and performance.


  • 25,000 sq./ft. Under roof built on 2 acres in Tempe, Arizona

  • 5000 sq./ft. Product warehouse

  • 2,500 sq./ft. Dedicated R&D facility

  • Full machine shop and fabrication facility

  • State of the art AWD Mustang Dyno™ room with 100 MPH airflow fans

  • 9,000 sq./ft. Workshop w/ 8 lifts & work stations

  • Dedicated 1000 sq./ft. Clean room for engine construction

  • 5000 sq./ft. Showroom with customer lounge, street and race cars displays, product education kiosks, etc.


  • In house Software Tuning - EVOMSit

  • In house dyno testing and tuning - AWD Mustang 500 SE dyno

  • Engine and transmission rebuilding

  • Fabrication facility - Over 2000 SF dedicated to custom fabrication

  • Machine shop - Over 2000 SF dedicated to a full machine shop

  • Flow bench testing: Superflow SF1020

  • Suspension tuning: complete suspension systems for street or track

  • Exhaust tuning

  • Safety enhancements: Roll bars, harnesses, seats, fire systems, etc.

  • Wheel and tire packages

  • Aerodynamics and paint

  • Window tinting, 3M clear bra, detailing, dent removal, audio, K40, etc.

  • Pick up and delivery service

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