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Spectator Information for

No Fly Zone - MIDWEST


Please keep in mind, that this is an airport. Not a venue optimized for spectator viewing. We will restrict spectators, crew, and any other individuals to areas we see fit, which will mostly include the primary taxiways and bleacher area. This includes general photography and videography personnel also that do not have permission for media access outside of the taxiway areas.


All parking for the event will be on the main taxiways, the "Hockey Stick" as it has been called. Assuming no flooding, parking may also be allowed on the grass areas surrounding the north-northeast taxiway area. This area is generally used for trucks/haulers to nose in for convenient vehicle removal from trailer. Spectators will not be allowed past the WEST or SOUTH edges of this taxiway eaither on foot or by vehicle. Please refer to aerial views of the airfield to get a better sense of these areas.


We are planning to have some seating made available for viewing as a courtesy, and are again planning to place the bleachers in the corner where the Hockey Stick bends. This seating is not mandatory, as you are free to walk around the airport taxiway to enjoy the company of other enthusiasts onsite. Chairs and canopy setups will be allowed at the discretion of event staff, for general spectators. No chairs or canopies from general spectators will be allowed in any areas that may impede flow of traffic or block or disturb participants or sponsors in ANY way. We suggest examining the airfield in an online map viewer, to gauge a better understanding of it's layout, and possible implications for your experience.


If, at any point, the "Hockey Stick" becomes filled, we will utilize auxiliary taxiways or airport areas for parking.


PLEASE keep watch on this info, as we may be updating up until the event day.

Any questions, comments or concerns, please email: TONY@OMEGAMOTORSPORT.COM





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